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June 6, 2020

Shocking Protest Footage

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Police also have access to their body cameras, not to mention the images they can retrieve via social media and other media. This is just one example of how the explosion of cell phone videos has changed the dynamics between protesters and police across the country. While thousands of Americans take to the streets night after night to protest police violence, the technology has given millions of households an insight into scenes that are all too familiar to people of color. 

Chicago rioter riding a
Rioters looting a Chicago
Protestors demolish cop
Bow and arrow
Hotwired construction
NYPD drives through
Cops shove down old man for no
Couple tazed in their own
Louisville cops steal/destroy
Driving a burning police
Rioters attack and critically injure Dallas shop
National guard and police shooting at people at their homes
Rioter gets killed by semi
Another journalist
30 minute clip of salt lake city
“Anonymous” response
Police pepper spray
Hacker group Anonymous shows support for
Debris and gunfire exchange between balcony and
Officer run over in Denver. Officers punching cars in
Civillian car swerving past group of
Man shot in the leg in
LA Cops fall off their
Absolute king working out in a looted Planet
Gunshots in
Batman shows up in
Compilation of Police Abuse 5/
Indianapolis shots
Cops open fire on a medical
Oil tanker barreling towards giant crowd on
Two black individuals tazed, removed from car, and assaulted by
Boston cops destroying their own
Cops sieze and dump out protestors water
Failing to steal pacman machine cause trunk too
Whitehouse Guardhouse on
Cops catch looter inside SoHo store and beat his
Washington DC burning, aerial
LAPD Chief blames George Floyd’s death on
nypc tricking protesters going home with disguised
George Floyd’s family visits site of fatal police
Police called on looters; black store-owners immediately put in
Peaceful protest turning point as police shoot with protesters’ hands
Innocent man pepper-sprayed then shot with a tear gas canister IN THE FACE at
Portland police gassing moving
Iowa police gassing their own
Pregnant woman shot by tear gas in TRAFFIC. Husband exits car to yell at them and they open fire on
White shirt guy in the tear gas, iowa
Woman knocked to ground, beaten by
Police Brutality
Police Brutality
Police Brutality
Police Brutality
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