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June 26, 2020

MEN: Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, The Proud Boys and ManFoWars on How To Save Your Country

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Source: Gavin McInnes on The Alex Jones Show (25:38 mins full segment) –

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COVID-19: Friendly Faces @ Toronto’s Anti-Lockdown Protest on May 9, 2020 – 500 Strong and Growing! –

COVI-DONE: Toronto May 16 Anti-Lockdown Rally – The Great Canadian House Party! Invite Everyone! – – YouTube deleted it and more

The Great Canadian House Party! Keep Self-Respect! Turn Rioters and Zombies Into Polite Patriots! –

RAW VIDEOS to download and use to make more from the Toronto anti-lockdown rallies and more at –

Beat censorship – Download these and the raw videos to re-post, make more and share using – BitChute – – YouTube –

Filming and interviewing polite patriots in sequence at Toronto’s friendly anti-lockdown rallies Saturdays 12 – 3 pm at Queen’s Park. Great days in Canadian history for a great future.

Want to beat the COVID-1984 Plandemic? Martial Law? Depression?
We locally beat “Swine Flu” last time – and – we can beat this today!
When the media makes a topic okay for everyone to talk about?
Our neighbours will take our info to talk better with each other!

We may save a few from “The Flu” and kill many with “The Depression”.


* 2020 Globalist Attacks Local Response Plan *

Polite patriots worldwide help neighbours offline respect and talk well and teach kids to. People like it and want to be nicer in this “crisis” anyway in case they need help. As long as we can still go outside? This simple plan always works:

The Offline Info War: Can Polite Patriots Beat Junk Mail?

Protest to show strength in numbers and trade emails to do more. Polite patriots can post ads for local meetings, enjoy meals, speak freely, become friends, feel like acting, use meet and greet tables to discuss with neighbours and share posters, flyers and DVD’s to get better people, places, politicians and results.

Free flyers about COVID-19 questions and more. Click on “PDF” or “PowerPoint” or “Word Document” on the right to download and adapt copies as desired. 4 – 10 per black and white 8.5″ x 11″ page. Polite patriots can avoid arguing with family, friends and neighbours about unfamiliar ideas if they can’t politely discuss them.

Instead? Print and cut these cheaply. Share them everywhere so people can research on their own first. This is a great non-confrontational way to locally inform and empower everyone.

Locally Locked-Up In Solitary? Still Rarely Allowed Out?
Leave These In Hands? On Windshields? In Mailboxes?
Groups Maybe Use Masks and Hand Sanitizer to Share?
Stretch Your Arms Out To Share To Stay 2 Metres Away?
Bring Cameras As Media Allowed To Go Out and Report?

How Polite Patriotic Canadians Can Inform and Empower Everyone Where They Live (3 mins) –
How To Truth Action – (7 mins) –
How To Red Pill Your Town or City (23 mins) –
CBC News Covers TTS –
Vaccine Exemptions –
BANNED DOCTORS PRESS CONFERENCE: COVID-19 “Response” Hoax Kills More People Than Weak “Flu” –
Free Corona Virus Song: “WHO Shot Ya?” –


* Good News *





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