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Federal authorities have used tear gas, crowd control, and tear gas against protesters gathered at a protest at the Justice
Portland Riots 2020 - Antifa Hit By Tear Gas Canister
Every wannabe "tough guy" Antifa needs to watch this clip. We will NOT sympathize with you if this happens, considering
Antifa Harassing Cops in Seattle trying to Arrest Murder Suspect
#Antifa Thugs and #Leftist Terrorists Harass Police Officers trying to do their job and Arrest a Homicide Suspect. Deport Communists!
🚨 Covid Credential Initiative 🚨
Kinda fits in with Covi-Pass: They have a youtube channel: Ya’ll still think shit ain’t ramping up
Segregated training in Seattle - WTH?
This is how whacked out the major west coast cities have gotten in 20 years! They want division!!!!!! Please check
Portland commissioner  “we need to blow up the system”
More proof Portland is becoming a total sewer! We have to keep this insanity from spreading to rural Oregon towns!
Salem Religious gathering has permits revoked - will continue to meet! 👍
Recall Kate Brown! And the Salem city council and mayor! $17000 for permits blew me away. WTH? Please check out
Central Oregon woman is a true hero! Saves toddler
Don’t forget about the light in the world! 🙏 Please check out Action Patriots TV channel Twitter: @Flippin Nickel
Small business owner sues Kate Brown!
We need more small businesses to have the guts to stand against Kate a Brown! Please check out Action Patriots
Oregon is a communist state - OLCC crackdown
Please check out Action Patriots TV channel Twitter: @Flippin Nickel Productions Zello: flippin nickel Email: Please support the
Facebook removes nearly 200 accounts tied to hate groups
Facebook has removed nearly 200 social media accounts linked to white supremacy groups that planned to encourage members to attend
Memeing in Warzone 2: Electric Boogaloo
The sequel that may or may not be asked for... but with the beginning of Season 4 giving us Kali
Serbia protests against the government's coronavirus response turn violent | DW News
Strong police forces fired tear gas at crowds in Belgrade and other cities as protesters pelted the police with stones
Portland Protest Replay from 7/8/20 from "Protest Live Cams"
Focusing on the protests currently taking place in Oregon (Springfield & Portland), "Protest Live Cams is dedicated to providing you
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