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June 13, 2020

What Is The Capitol Hill Occupancy Protest (CHOP)?

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The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) is a six-block area of Seattle that was abruptly abandoned by police after clashes with protesters. Starbucks has spoken out against an alleged policy that prohibits its employees from wearing accessories and clothing associated with the Black Lives Matter movement.

A lawsuit has been filed against Oakland police for their actions during the protests and is expected to be filed Thursday. Seattle police officers broke into the city’s East Precinct on Monday night and set up camp on Capitol Hill, which they left after repeated clashes with protesters. Earlier, protesters marched through downtown Oakland, calling on the mayor to defend the police.

In their wake, they set up a tent camp on Capitol Hill, the site of the city’s former police headquarters. The area, which includes much of downtown Oakland’s East Precinct and parts of West Oakland, has previously been a flashpoint for protesters and police skirmishes.

But the autonomous zone remained peaceful, even as residents and local politicians called for radical change. The occupiers want to prove that the community can get along without police at all. Not just statewide, but globally, “Seattle City Councilman Kshama Sawant told the crowd Monday night.

The next night, Sawant, who describes himself as a socialist, held a public meeting in which he called on the city to oppose the police and ban tear gas in warfare.
City Councilwoman Teresa Mosqueda supported the effort and called for the city police department’s budget to be halved, local news site MyNorthwest reported. On Monday night, Seattle police officers boarded their East Precinct and left it after repeated clashes with protesters. In their wake, the protesters set up a new encampment outside the Seattle Police Department headquarters on Capitol Hill, and were dismantled Tuesday morning, according to local media reports.

The area, which includes parts of the Capitol, the University of Washington campus and the Seattle Police Headquarters, has previously been a flashpoint for protesters – skirmishes with police.

On June 10, 2020, activists declared the so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” a smoking ban. The occupiers want to prove that the community can get along without police at all. Bands have been playing free shows in and around the house for several months, and activists have since called it a “no-smoking area.”
In a second tweet, he wrote: ‘Domestic terrorists are conquering Seattle, led, of course, by the far left Democrats.

In response, Washington Governor Jay Inslee called on Trump to stop tweeting and stay out of Washington business. President Donald Trump railed against the protesters, whom he called “homegrown terrorists,” and threatened to intervene to reclaim the territory. Blacks live and conquer parts of Seattle and Washington to create an autonomous zone with no police presence.

On Wednesday, the zone caught the attention of President Donald Trump, who attacked the protesters and threatened that he might eventually intervene. In a late twist, a U.S. judge on Friday ordered Seattle police to temporarily halt the use of tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets against demonstrators to disperse the largely peaceful protest. The densely populated Capitol Hill neighborhood, east of downtown Seattle, stretches for more than a mile and a half from the Seattle Police Headquarters to the University of Washington. After police removed barricades around the police station on Monday and largely abandoned the building, thousands of protesters, many of them young people, gathered in the area.

It came after officers used tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets last weekend to disperse protesters who officers said were attacked with their projectiles. Although there are makeshift barricades cordoning off the area with vehicles and vehicles, people can still walk through.

A senior member of the Seattle City Council said he was preparing a bill that would take the building out of the control of the Seattle Police Department and turn the 94-year-old building into a community center for restorative justice. It has 20,000 square feet of parking space, including a multi-storey car park for up to 1,500 cars, as well as a restaurant, cafe and retail space.

A new court ruling amplified the criticism, saying the Black Lives Matter group, which sued this week, had argued that the city’s use of force was unconstitutional. Demonstrators gathered at the Capitol on Monday night as police entered the district, cleared the area and opened up surrounding streets. When the officers returned to the building and Chief Best announced that the SPD was making plans to return, the demonstrators tried to figure out what to do next.

A federal judge said weapons such as tear gas and pepper spray did not target a single agitator or criminal and were particularly problematic during a coronavirus pandemic. The mayor said he did not want a repeat of last weekend’s violence and tweeted that he was visiting the Capital Hill area on Friday to talk to organizers about how to proceed.

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