July 22, 2020

NFAC Louisville Kentucky Black Militia Protest

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All members of the NFAC “Not F#@king Around Clan” will be descending on the city of louisville kentucky on july 25th. For the protest; Black boots, black pants, black button down shirt, black mask, shotgun, semi-automatic, or rifle pistols, thigh holsters are required under your arm. If you’re not in the NFAC uniform, you won’t be in formation. No fake guns allowed in the formation. If you are not a full-flame member of the NFAC, and you come in the proper uniform and you have your weapon and you go into what we call the red formation (don’t worry you’ll find out) then at that time if you’re already in our database you will be sworn in everybody else that comes and gets a blue band you’re gonna have somewhere to be because that means you’re gonna be doing something. This protest will not be a spectator sport. Come out if you want to watch history that’s cool, but understand the seriousness of the situation.

Also somebody asked the question about children, no there’ll be no children in this formation and you and you will not be walking behind us this time. So you can be on the sides and spectate all you want that’s fine, but this formation is gonna be a lot tighter than the last one.

More info is located at blacknfac.com

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