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downtown portland protests
The Snapchat Map has a heatmap that is very good at being utilized as a realtime heatmap for protests/riots as it is happening. Example below:

Marches, demonstrations, protests and rallies have become an enduring fiber in the fabric of Portland. The protests span issues such as: immigrant rights, homelessness, racism, police accountability, free speech. They draw in students, parents, anarchists and Trump supporters.

The demonstrations mostly move through downtown, disrupting commutes and local businesses. Portland protests various issues such as education, healthcare, economy, racism, fascism, gender equality, politics, homelessness, affordable housing, and many more.

Most of the protests in portland take place at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Pioneer Courthouse Square, South Park Blocks, ICE Building, ira keller fountain, terry schrunk plaza, chapman square, lownsdale square, or Hawthorne Bridge.

Portland has a rich history in activism and downtown protests. The local news outlets have stated that portland protests often are violent and destructive, even though most activists remain peaceful. In reality, you have a large homeless population downtown, that doesn’t mind getting rowdy and arrested if it helps them make a point or voice their frustration. The answer to this problem is a universal basic income and a better mental healthcare system. Until basic mental health is met and financial stresses resolved, there will always be a street army looking for things to do in Downtown Portland.

Research based on national protest activity has found that Downtown Portland protests are highly active. Antifa protests in Portland aren’t the only times this activity peaks! There are all kinds of political events in portland ranging from immigration, climate, social justice, run rights, civil rights, and new political movements.

May Day protests began in 1886 as a nationwide labor strike. Still, to this day, the labor force is unstable leaving large amounts of hard working individuals pushed to the side. With technology changing the landscape, for example, retail work for 16-24 year olds isn’t what it used to be. Manufacturing, Transportation, and other industries are also feeling the affects of automation.
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